Michelle Giles

Your Secret Sanctuary in Central Phoenix

Services and Rates

Deep Relaxation Massage $70/hour    
Slow, hypnotic movements calm the nervous system
and gently relax your muscles and mind.

Therapeutic Sports Massage $80/hour 
Stretching, compressions, trigger point therapy, gua sha, chinese cupping, hot and cold stones.

The Silent Treatment $70/hour
No talking beyond the initial intake.

Enjoy a meditative massage with music or just the sound
of your own breath.

Chi Nei Tsang $40/30 minutes
This is a Taoist form of “Applied Qigong". Unwind
held in the torso and lower back using abdominal
massage and breath work to: release emotional stress
and trauma, relieve digestive problems,
menstrual difficulties, fibroids and endometriosis, scarring
and adhesions from surgery, chronic back and neck pain.

Corporate Chair Massage $100/hour
Reward your staff with a relaxing upper body massage.
ndividual treatments range from 15-30 minutes.

Himalyan Salt Stone Massage $80/hour
Warmed Himalyan Salt stones and fragrant blended oils
combine to ease muscle tension. Magnesium
content helps to unwind tight tissue. 80+ minerals and trace
elements are beneficially absorbed to alkalize the body,
drawing moisture to the upper layers of the skin.

Body Scrubs and Dry Brushing $40/$80
Exfoliation removes the dry, dehydrated 
surface layer of skin.  Improves circulation,
enhances absorption of skin treatments and
a tired spirit.

Body Wrap $40/30 minutes
(May only be added to a body scrub)
A facial for the body... exfoliation, serum body wrap, 
service concludes with a Swedish massage using oil or cream.

Face, Scalp and Neck Treatment $40/30 minutes
Massage for the face, scalp and neck. Calming for
sinus pressure, headaches, tension and mental fatigue.

Secret Sanctuary Signature Service $140/90 minutes
Service begins with a full body exfoliation and serum
body wrap. 
While cocooned in the wrap, receive a
facial cleanse and face/neck massage. 
After a warm shower,
service concludes with a Swedish massage using oil or cream.


Individual blends created depending on client needs,
with essential oils and handcrafted herbal infusions.

rganic Coconut Oil
Unrefined Shea Butter
Organic Beeswax 

Grapeseed oil
Sunflower seed oil

Macadamia nut oil
Almond oil
 Jojoba oil

Olive oil

Accepted payment methods: cash, personal check, credit or debit card.
*Rate negotiation available on a limited basis for clients in need of
weekly treatments or who are experiencing financial challenges.