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Continuing Education

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Classes currently available:

Therapist Self Care:  (4 or 8 CEU credits)

Save Yourself! Therapist Self Care is offered to professional massage therapists, hair dressers, estheticians as a vital self care class, completion of class results in 4 or 8 CEU credits. The purpose of this class is to learn how to prevent injury, heal current injuries and avoid burnout. Therapists new to the profession should take this course to prevent future injury or burnout by beginning their career with great habits, body mechanics and daily self care treatments. Therapists who have been in their careers a while will relate to having their own personal challenges and limitations. This class was created with an open forum in mind to share experiences, learn from each one another's mistakes and preserve careers. Curriculum format includes specific targeted stretches, racquetball self massage, foam roller treatment, treatment creams and oils, treatment baths, using ice and heat therapies, using a still point inducer for neck pain, and the use of Armaid self massage tool.
Students will be encouraged to share their experiences and challenges as massage therapists. Challenges include physical limitations, energy limitations, injuries or other concerns. Therapists of all levels of experience face multiple challenges from the time they are in school until late into their career, with transitions and shifts in ability along the way. This course teaches therapists how to heal and strengthen their bodies, how to add new modalities and treatments to their repertoire to create interest for themselves and their clients (while also keeping them from RSI injuries by learning to move in different ways).

Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal unwinding) (8 or 16 CEU credits)

Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang/Abdominal Unwinding is offered to professional massage therapists as a massage specialty and also as a self care tool (completion of class results in 8 or 16 CEU credits). This class is also offered to non-massage individuals as a powerful self-care tool. Chi Nei Tsang is deeply rooted in three different traditions: Classical Taoist Chinese Medicine, Traditional Internal Medical Thai Massage, and Western holistic medicine. 
The purpose of this class is to learn how to identify areas of tension/holding patterns in oneself and others and the possible negative impacts that they can have on one's health over time. The students will be taught specific breathing techniques and corresponding massage movements to relieve abdominal holding patterns. This class also introduces the practices of earth chi kung (qigong) and micro cosmic orbit meditation to strengthen/reinforce/balance their own bodies and energies.

Stone Therapy (hot, cold and salt stones) (8 CEU credits) 

Introduction to Stone Massage Therapy is offered to professional therapists as a massage specialty, completion of class results in 8 CEU credits. The purpose of this class is to learn how to utilize different types of stones (basalt, crystal, marble, salt; hot and cold) to assist in relieving muscle spasms in the tissue and deeply relax and rebalance the client. The students will be taught about special hot stone equipment, stone cooling techniques, the hazards of using stones that are too warm, sanitizing techniques, organizing and preparing equipment and room for a stone session, special stone placement and how to massage with different types of stones. Even if you have performed hot stone massage before, this class will introduce you to the broad stone options available, giving you a fresh perspective on the modality.
The purpose of this class is to familiarize students with Stone Massage Therapy techniques, indications and contraindications of client care, equipment choices and maintenance, and safety concerns related to temperature and proper handling of warmed stones. The students will be taught specific massage techniques and stone placement used to address muscle spasms deep in the tissue. This class also covers stone placement for the central channel of the abdomen. Students will learn about the physiological placement and effect of different stones (hot or cool) on the abdomen as well as their corresponding energies.

Scrubs and Wraps (8 CEU credits)

Body Exfoliation Techniques and Body Wraps is offered to professional massage therapists as a specialty, completion of class results in 8 CEU credits. The purpose of this class is to learn how to utilize different types of exfoliation techniques and body wrap serums and mud/clay/algae to treat clients various skin needs. The students will be taught about different types of exfoliation methods (skin brushing, mechanical, chemical and combination treatments) as well as different body wrap options and techniques.. Students will learn how to choose products, make their own products, special set up for the room/table for treatment, and application and removal methods. Students will learn about different types of skin, skin conditions (and the right methods to use for each) as well as indications and contraindications to treatment.
The purpose of this class is to familiarize massage students with the basic anatomy of the skin, different treatments for different skin types/conditions, and the different ways treatments can effect not only the skin, but systemically (lymph, blood pressure, nervous system). Depending on what treatments are chosen, the effect can be skin directed or systemically directed based on clients individual needs. The course will be taught so the therapist can perform multiple treatment offerings: a half hour scrub, an hour massage scrub, or an hour and a half treatment consisting of a scrub and a wrap.

Couples Massage Teaching couples what to do when their partner is in pain. Each session is designed based on the needs of you and your partner. A custom plan is created for each of you. "Couple" is loose terminology here (partners, parent/child, friends). Any two people can pair up and learn how to help improve each others lives.

Depending on your CEU requirements, classes can be customized to fit your hour needs.